Kate Middleton pregnantThe only thing better than a royal wedding watch is a royal baby watch. All eyes have been on Kate Middleton for the past nine months, and now the regal bundle is about to make his or her anxiously awaited debut. We've all witnessed the evolution of the royal bump, from the initial speculation period to the princess's current ready-to-pop state. Here are some of our favorite looks, inspired by Kate's of-the-moment maternity wardrobe.

While the world was still abuzz with the question of, "Is she or isn't she?" in the middle of January, Kate showed her her slender shape in a belted cranberry-red dress. Though the Duchess' belly had yet to show, the flattering dress shared many elements with the princess's signature style, at a price that doesn't require a posh pedigree.
Kate Middleton pregnant
In her second appearance of the year as a mummy-to-be, Kate started a stampede for an elegant gray tweed MaxMara wrap dress. While this fetching frock sold out in mere hours following Kate's appearance, the covetous are not completely out of luck. We love the flatteringly iconic shape and comfy jersey fit of the Isabella Olliver Maternity Wrap Dress. And while we can't all have a different dress for every occasion - even the princess herself makes news by repeating her favorite fashions - this one will see you through all stages of pregnancy and nursing.Kate Middleton pregnant

Princess Kate's swoon-worthy collection of coats made us wish winter would stick around a little bit longer just to see what she'd wear next. From camels and creams to emeralds, scarlets and belted browns, Prince William's baby mama weathered the winter in admirable style. We're ready to move to Canada just to don ASOS's Limited Edition Military Coat, which features some of Kate's favorite details, like slim lines, a curved collar and a buckle belt.

If you're looking for just the right crowning touch, make like Princess Kate and skip the crown. Instead, give one of Kate's go-tos a go: a fanciful fascinator.

Of course, the best accessory - as we all learned from watching the distinctive Duchess - is self-confidence. As long as you feel amazing, you're sure to look amazing, too. Now bring on the petite prince or princess because we just can't wait to see what he/she is wearing!

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