It seems that Hollywood is trying to personally increase the population of the earth dramatically by this spring. The newest pregnancy reports involve the guitarist for uber rock band, No Doubt, Tom Dumont. The guitarist already has two children with wife Mieke Dumont.

The entire No Doubt band seems to be infatuated with pregnancy. Along with pregnancy reports from Tom Dumont is a first child on the way for Tony Kanal, another band member. Children already born to the group include two children for lead singer Gwen Stefani, one child for Adrian Young and one child for Ton Dumont.

No Doubt has not released any new music in quite some time, but the band members are busy doing their own things around Hollywood. For Gwen Stefani, that means spending more time with celebrity hubby, the hot Gavin Rossdale and their two children who have managed to pull the best features from both gorgeous parents.

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