With the world up in arms with Brett Favre’s texting oops, Eli Manning’s new baby may seem like small news – to everyone but Eli and his wife, that is.

This child will be the first for Eli Manning and his wife, Abby Manning. The two met in Mexico and married in 2008. It seems that Eli is quite protective and even though wife Abby is only a short time into the pregnancy, he is keeping her as close as possible.

Luckily for Eli Manning, the baby isn’t due until the off season so there will no missed games for this mega-star. Famous brother and NFL quarterback Peyton Manning has yet to find that perfect place in life to start a family, but brother Cooper (the only brother not serving time in the NFL) has produced three grandchildren for mama and papa Manning. There is no mention of how many children Eli Manning would like to have, but given the Manning record, there is little doubt all children will be born with a leather football in their mouths.

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