Update 7/8/19:

Congrats to the Bryant family! On June 20th, Vanessa and Kobe Bryant welcomed Capri Kobe Bryant, aka "KoKo", into the world.

On Instagram, Vanessa broke the news, writing, "Our baby girl is here!!!!! So thankful for our newest baby blessing". Both parents have shared breathtaking photos of the newborn, shown wrapped in a pink blanket on a pink cloud backdrop. We're obsessed! 

Baby #4

Due 2019

Vanessa and Kobe Bryant announced that they’re expecting their fourth baby girl. Vanessa, 36, and Kobe, 40, already have three daughters: Natalia,16, Gianna, 13, and Bianka, 3.

Vanessa suffered an ectopic pregnancy between her first and second pregnancies. An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg implants anywhere other than the inside of the uterus, the pregnancy is called an ectopic pregnancy.

An ectopic pregnancy is among the main causes of maternal mortality worldwide, and if not addressed right away, can be fatal to the mother because of potentially excessive severe bleeding. Symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy include lower abdominal pain, stomach cramping, and spotting.

How to Conceive a Boy or Girl: The Shettles Method

Interestingly enough, it is Kobe’s part in the pregnancy that resulted in having four girls. Sperm are either X-carrying or Y-carrying, while the egg is always X-carrying. If an X-carrying sperm fertilizes the egg, it's going to be a girl, if a Y-carrying sperm fertilizes the egg, it's going to be a boy. Thus, the baby's sex is determined by which sperm gets to the egg first.

Kobe is reportedly thrilled to be having another girl, “My friends say, ‘It takes a real man to make a boy. I’m like, ‘Dude, it takes a king to make a princess… get in line.’ ”

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