Cell phones during pregnancy

Who isn’t attached to their cell phone most of the day? However, if you’re pregnant, you may want to start being cognizant of how often you are using your phone. There are some studies that should make you at least cautious to use a cell phone during pregnancy.

How do cell phones work?

Cell phones use electromagnetic radiation (EMR) to carry signals. signals go through walls, floors, and various objects and can bounce off each other, too. There is an increased exposure to electromagnetic radiation and an increased risk of potential health effects. This is especially true for children and certain adults who are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. The brains of children are still developing.

Cell phones and pregnancy

While you probably won’t be able to keep your cell phone away from you throughout your whole pregnancy, you can certainly reduce the time you use it and adjust the ways you use it to lower your risk of electromagnetic radiation exposure.

Tips for using cell phones during pregnancy

  • If you can use your home phone instead, do it.
  • Try to text rather than call.
  • If you must make a call on your cell phone, use it on speaker to avoid holding it up to your head.
  • When you dial the number don’t place the phone near your head until the call connects. While it is trying to connect, it will emit the most radiation.
  • Do not keep your cell phone in your pockets or anywhere near your belly.
  • Never keep your phone near your bed while you are sleeping. If you must keep it near you, make sure it is turned off.
  • Make sure you have a strong signal because this will lessen the amount of radiation required to send a message.
  • Set your phone to airplane mode if you are simply watching a video or playing a game.

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