In a blog published on The Huffington Post, Kathryn Kefauver Goldberg describes herself as a "writer, blogger, twin mom" and she suggests that cesarean-section deliveries (C-sections) are misunderstood. After surviving infertility, in vitro fertilization (IVF), a high-risk pregnancy, and more, she describes her C-section delivery as "relatively easy" and says there are some things about the procedure that she absolutely loves.

  1. It was uncomplicated
    Nothing else about giving birth to her twins was easy so her C-section was liberating. "Get in, get out. Be free."
  2. It happened on schedule
    Nothing else about infertility and high-risk pregnancy was ever certain so knowing exactly when she would give birth was cause for celebration.
  3. The pressure to go "natural" was gone
    The earthy culture in Berkeley, California, had Goldberg suffering pangs of guilt fantasizing about the carefree at-home births of the new mothers surrounding her. Was she being anti-PC to want a hospital birth?
  4. The finale matched the opening act
    After a high-tech pregnancy with twins at 39 years of age, having a C-section seemed to Goldberg like "the medical equivalent of a police escort through this last passage."
  5. She always wanted a C-section
    A history of medical and pregnancy complications had Goldberg thinking a natural delivery just wasn't in the cards for her. She feels lucky to have given birth the way she wanted it and she wishes the same for all women.
  6. No birth-plan details to fret over
    The beauty of a scheduled delivery meant all she had to do was show up on time. The soon-to-be parents indulged in a last-minute romantic babymoon getaway the night before the twins were born.
  7. There was music
    The couple packed their iPod for the procedure so they could listen to the same music in the delivery room that they played at their wedding.
  8. It wasn't as scary as "they" said it would be
    C-section horror stories haunted her throughout her pregnancy but it wasn't the weird and uncomfortable experience she'd heard about.
  9. Just one short hour
    There was an uncomfortable moment but Goldberg's doctor reminded her natural deliveries were uncomfortable, too, and they lasted a lot longer.
  10. The lasting effects of “birth-warrior mojo”
    Goldberg writes that her C-section left her feeling tougher and less afraid about many aspects of daily living.
  11. Amazing, amazing, amazing
    The human body, birth, technology are all so amazing Goldberg believes "surgery can be sacred."
  12. "Healthy and hollering"
    Indescribable bliss and tears of joy were her rewards when she first heard "the song of two healthy baby boys."

Source: Goldberg, Kathryn Kefauver. "12 Things I Loved About My C-Section." HuffPost Parents. The, Inc. Mar 12, 2014. Web. Mar 20, 2014.