Why would you need a cesarean section? What are the pain relief options? What is the recovery time? Learn the basics about cesarean sections.

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section - VBAC

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Top Childbirth Fears: Questions and Answers

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Cesarean Scar Defect (CSD)

A cesarean scar defect (CSD), is also known as a "deficient uterine scar" or "scar ... read more »

I’m Super Glad I Had Three C-Sections

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Planned Repeat Cesareans Are Safer Than Vaginal Births

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Factors Affecting Your Cesarean Scar

While you might not be scared about the operation, you might have thought about the scar. Most likely, your surgeon will create an incision horizontally right above your bikini line. It will be closed with staples or stitches after the operation is complete. ... read more »