Getting a body massage can feel wonderful. Whether you have a full body rubdown or the masseuse focuses on just a few areas of tension, you can leave feeling great. Massage is relaxing and can remove pain and tension from areas like your shoulders and back. Though it's not advisable to lie on your stomach during pregnancy massage, this does not mean massage is off limits. Some massage therapists are specifically trained to work with pregnant women, a practice called prenatal massage.

There's more to getting a massage than just pampering yourself. Since it can reduce stress and help keep you calm, it can even be used during labor. As an alternative method for pain reduction during labor, massage can be an excellent choice. The relaxation it provides is significant, and it also helps to make you aware of and in tune with your body. Both of those are big benefits for you and the baby you're bringing into the world.

Being as relaxed and anxiety-free as possible during labor helps your baby because stress hormones aren't released as strongly. In short, when you're calm, your baby is calm. You can have a masseuse present to help you during your labor, or you can have a friend, family member or partner give you the massage. Whoever you have helping you should be comfortable with your pregnancy and with the discomfort that can take place during labor and delivery. That way there will be a lot of positive energy in the delivery room.

Not every stress reduction technique works for every person. If body massage helps you, it's definitely worth continuing. If it doesn't seem to be effective for your needs, there are other options you can explore. Sometimes, it's good to have several different techniques that can all be used together. Labor can sometimes be a bit unpredictable, and it's a good idea to make sure you have a backup plan just in case you need to change tactics.