When you’re expecting, it’s a special and important time to share with your spouse as you wait for your little one to make their entrance into the world. If you want to move beyond the same old, same old Valentine’s Day gifts this year, it pays to be creative in your approach to give your husband a memorable gift that will touch his heart.

As a mom-to-be this Valentine’s Day, check out these top 5 Valentine’s Day gifts to give to an expectant father:

  1. Engraved Cufflinks: If you’ve already chosen a name for your little one, you can get his or her initials engraved into sterling silver cufflinks as an important memento that your husband can cherish for years to come. Cufflinks are a sophisticated Valentine’s gift for any man, but you can add a personal touch by celebrating the new life you’re bringing into the world together!
  2. Parenting Book: If your husband is completely clueless about how to care for a baby, or if he’s overwhelmed at the thought of being a father for the first time, a clever, informative parenting book will give him the advice he is looking for. Choose a parenting book that is geared toward men, like The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips, and Advice for Dads-to-Be. Rather than giving the gift of a standard parenting book that is often written for women, a parenting book made just for dads will explain baby basics in a language that he can understand to boost his confidence.

   3. Personalized Mousepad: If your husband uses a computer on a daily basis for work, spring for a personalized mousepad with the sonogram picture of your little bundle of joy. This type of significant gift will be something that your husband can look at each and every day as a reminder of the baby you’re bringing into the world. Even better, this personalized gift is useful for any working dad who regularly uses a laptop or PC.

   4. Baby Front Carrier: Since men are more likely to be on the go to and from work after the baby is born, gifting your husband a baby front carrier will make it easier for him to bond with a newborn as a new father. A front carrier also makes it convenient for a dad to keep a baby with him at all times while keeping his hands free for other tasks.

   5. Children’s Books: If you really want to touch your husband’s heart this Valentine’s Day, do a little digging and find out what his favorite children’s books were as a child. When you gift him his favorite children’s books this Valentine’s Day, it will invoke nostalgia and will also give him something to look forward to sharing with his new son or daughter.

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