How to Celebrate Mother’s Day When Pregnant

Should you celebrate Mother's Day?

To celebrate or not to celebrate Mother’s Day when pregnant, that is the question. Expecting your first child means you are on the way to motherhood and that’s what Mother’s Day is all about. Some expecting women choose to celebrate the holiday as the last Mother’s Day they will be without a child and others choose to celebrate the day as a celebration of motherhood for years to come. Whatever your reasons for choosing to mark this Mother’s Day, celebrate it with style. 

Talk to your baby for the very first time

Instead of celebrating the holiday as a normal Mother’s Day, try making it a day all about your baby. Take out paper and a pen, your laptop, tablet or smartphone, and compose a letter to your baby. Tell your baby about their dad, your happiness when you found out you were pregnant, and the beautiful adventures you will have together. It may take years for your child to understand the letter, but years down the road those heartfelt words will hit home.

Announce your pregnancy to the world

If you have kept the pregnancy to yourself, Mother’s Day could be the perfect day to make the announcement that you are expecting an addition to the family. Arrange a group Zoom or SKype chat or call your family one by one and share the good news. Write just the perfect announcement for social media to let your friends know. Call some of the most influential mothers in your life; tell them all how important they have been in your life, and how you look forward to the part they will play in the life of your first child.

Create a family blog

Whether for fun or profit, many mothers choose to celebrate new life and family adventures with a blog. Start out simple with a free blogging site, add some pictures of your family, pregnant belly, and partner. Blog about pregnancy woes, nervous expectations, and all the emotional highs and lows that come with pregnancy – you may be surprised just how good it feels to get it all out on the page.

Celebrating Mother’s Day when you are pregnant does not have to be a typical celebration of motherhood. Since you are still expecting, the door is open for imagination and creative thinking. This is the last year you will be spending on the no children side of Mother’s Day, but that does not mean you have to waste the holiday away without celebrating.

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