enjoy pregnancy holidays

The holiday rush can be difficult when you are pregnant. With all the holiday shopping, parties and cooking, treating your body right can take a back seat to holiday activities. Here are helpful tips to remember if you’re pregnant during the holidays:

You can actually skip the party

Holiday parties are a rite of passage for many couples. If you are pregnant during the holidays, don’t feel pressured to spend hours on your feet mingling with co-workers or family members. Listen to your body and make the right decision for you and baby. If you feel the need to make an appearance, spend an hour at the party and leave when you’re ready.

Remember to put your feet up once in a while

Spending hours on your feet shopping, cooking and entertaining may seem like a great idea until your feet and legs start to swell. You need to sit down and prop your feet up 15 minutes every hour to prevent swelling and lower leg and foot pain. If the house is filled with too much activity to rest for 15 minutes, retire to your bedroom or another comfortable spot where guests are not frequenting and take much-deserved rest.

Leave the tree trimming to other family members

During the latter months of pregnancy, your tummy may get in the way of holiday tree trimming. Instead of trying to hang ornaments and knocking off more than you hang; leave the hanging to other family members. If holiday tree trimming is something you must do to feel complete, replace the physical hanging with a day of holiday crafting. Making new ornaments for the tree may not be the same as hanging ornaments, but it can be just as fun.

Skip foods that cause heartburn

One of the main events during the holiday season is cooking. Baked treats and fat-rich meals are often served at family get-togethers. Instead of dining on foods you know will cause heartburn later, eat a healthy snack before leaving for a family dinner or party. Eat only a small portion of the foods you love, but know will cause heartburn or stick with fresh fruits and healthy options and skip the heartburn altogether.

Don’t cook if you don’t feel like it

For some pregnant women, the smell of certain foods or ingredients causes nausea. If you don’t feel up to holiday cooking this year, it’s okay. Ask your spouse, mom or other family members to cook in your place or plan holiday get-togethers where guests bring dishes instead of cooking.

Stroll the online aisles

The holidays are the height of the shopping season, and sometimes it feels like the gift list never ends. While hopping in the car, driving to the mall, and standing in long lines for hours is physically taxing during pregnancy, luckily we live in the age of technology. You can breeze through your entire gift list from the comfort of your own bed, simply by ordering online! Doing so allows you to increase the amount of time you spend resting as well as be productive. Some online retailers even offer gift wrapping as well, so take advantage when possible. Worth the extra charge!

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