sperms approaching egg

His friends are your friends, too!

Many people are surprised that in 50% of infertile couples both he and she have a problem.

That's why Dr. Amos highly recommends that you and your partner see a doctor as soon as you decide to start a family. A preconception visit may help you find out if there are any problems and may help you get pregnant faster. But even if you're already a few cycles into the baby-making mode, being able to answer the following three questions will go a long way to establishing your chances of a successful conception:

  1. How are his sperm? 
  2. Am I ovulating?
  3. Are my fallopian tubes open?

What he can do right now!

A sperm analysis or semen analysis can answer the sperm question painlessly and without any needles or drugs. And there are many ways to improve your sperm count if it's abnormal.

A sperm analysis checks for:

  • How the semen thickens into a solid and turns to liquid
  • Fluid thickness, acidity, and sugar content
  • Resistance to flow (viscosity)
  • Movement of the sperm (motility)
  • Number and structure of the sperm
  • Volume of semen

Remember guys, letting your partner subject herself to batteries of invasive tests and drug regimens without having yourself evaluated just isn't fair.

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