The signaling system between KIT and KITLG genes is important in sperm production, which means it could play an important role in infertility and impairment of sperm production. Researchers from the Department of Genetics in China recently completed a study on the role of KIT and KITLG genes on fertility. The study was published in the journal Biomarkers.

Researchers collected medical data from 372 patients with oligospermia or idiopathic azoospermia. The control group was made up of 205 men with no known fertility issues. While did not appear to be a strong connection between SNPs in KIT and KITLG genes in patients with azoospermia, a connection was noted in patients with oligospermia.

Conclusion: There appears to be a connection between SNPs in KIT and KITLG genes and fertility, particularly when it comes to the concentration of sperm in semen or oligospermia.

Source: Cheng P, Chen H, Liu SR, Pu XY, A ZC. SNPs in KIT and KITLG genes may be associated with oligospermia in the Chinese population. Biomarkers. 2013 Oct 1.