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Scary Photos Better Than Text for Kicking the Tobacco Habit

Approximately 500,000 Americans die every year due to preventable smoking-related illnesses, in spite of widespread and on-going efforts by the medical community and government entities at every level urging the public to kick the tobacco habit.  One anti-smoking campaign that was expected to be especially successful was the display of graphic images on cigarette packages that showed the ... more »
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Toxic Environment Raising Worldwide Male Reproductive Disorders Rate

The January 2016 issue of the journal, Physiological Reviews, carries a scientific review by a team of international fertility experts in which they link today's toxic environment to the rising rate of male reproductive disorders and infertility.  The review comes on the heels of a special communication published in early December by the International Federation of G ... more »

Restore Rather Than Replace Testosterone to Preserve Male Fertility

Some medications used to treat low testosterone levels are known to cause a reduction in sperm count.  This particular side effect can be especially alarming for men using testosterone replacement therapies, such as topical testosterone gel, as part of a regimen to treat male infertility.  The report of a study recently published in the medical journal, BJU International ... more »
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Biotech Company Produces First Ever Complete Human Sperm in Lab

A biotech company based in France has recently announced their ability to grow human sperm cells in the lab, a breakthrough expected to help many couples overcome male-related infertility issues. ... more »
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How Infertile Men Can Cope With Father’s Day

For many men, Father’s Day is just another reminder of their struggles with infertility. Here are tips to help cope. ... more »
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George Washington’s Infertility

Yes, historians believe that George and Martha struggled with infertility – and suspect it was George’s issue. ... more »
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New Sperm Extraction Technique Overcomes Low-Sperm-Count Male Infertility

A new treatment for male infertility is bringing hope to many men who suffer low-sperm-count male infertility. ... more »
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Marijuana Can Deform Sperm, Contribute to Infertility

Samples from men who were 18 to 30 years old who had used marijuana in the three months before producing sperm samples were more likely to be of poor quality. ... more »
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Stress Affects Sperm, Semen Quality; Fertility Suffers

A new study suggests too much stress does a lot more damage than merely taking fun out of life. It can affect a man’s fertility by diminishing the quality of the sperm and semen he produces. ... more »