When a woman is pregnant with multiples, like twins, she may be asked to eat more food or increase calorie intake to accommodate the extra fetus(es). By the time the last trimester rolls around, there is so little room in the stomach that eating a small meal, let alone 2,500 to 3,000 calories or more may seem impossible. A twin pregnancy diet requires very small, protein-rich meals eaten every two hours throughout the day.

Upon Waking
Before getting out of bed in the morning, the pregnancy diet starts with a healthy, protein-rich breakfast bar. Try to limit sugar intake in the twin pregnancy diet as sugar provides only empty calories with little nutritional value. Calories per bar should be around 200.

On the twin pregnancy diet, it is important to consume as many calories as possible in the smallest package. Zero-carbohydrate protein powders are available from vitamin shops. These provide a healthy source of protein and calories. Mix sugar free orange juice with one scoop or 25 grams of protein. Calories per drink should be around100.

Scrambled eggs are another fantastic food on a twin pregnancy diet. Beat two eggs together and cook in one tablespoon of olive oil. The eggs provide protein and the olive oil is a healthy source of omega 3 fatty acids. Calories per serving should be around 275.

Morning Snack
With reduced stomach size, fruits and vegetables are difficult to add to a twin pregnancy diet. They contain lots of water that tend to fill up the stomach quickly. For a morning snack, try to drink a meal replacement shake and eat one cup of grapes. Calories per serving should be around 265.

On a twin pregnancy diet you will consume many of your calories in liquid form. Liquid meal replacement shakes contain all the calories you need and keep the body hydrated. For lunch, consume one meal replacement shake and one meal replacement bar. The serving size is smaller, but the caloric impact is substantial. Calories per serving should be around 400.

Afternoon Snack
By the time afternoon rolls around the twin pregnancy diet focuses on healthy fruit and vegetable intake for the day. Have one meal replacement shake and one cup of baby carrots with two tablespoons of full-fat ranch dressing. Calories per serving should be around 470.

Before Dinner Snack
Before dinner rolls around, try to consume another cup of fruit or vegetables. You can choose one extra-large banana for a healthy snack. Calories per serving should be around 135.

You have consumed more than enough protein for the day, so dinner can consist of soup with a healthy dose of vegetables. Try to consume two cans of vegetable soup during dinner. Chunky vegetable soups are the best. Calories in dinner should be around 550.

After Dinner Snack
After dinner, it is time to give you a treat for eating so well during the day. Serve yourself a slice of angel food cake with fresh strawberries and three tablespoons of full-fat whipped topping. Calories per serving should be around 200.

This twin pregnancy diet contains 2,595 calories per day. That is just enough calories to keep mom and baby healthy during the final trimester of pregnancy when fetal growth is accelerated and the pregnant woman has a smaller stomach.