Studies have shown that women can have a healthy pregnancy following gastric bypass surgery, though many obstetricians believe that gastric bypass surgery increases the nutritional and metabolic risk of subsequent pregnancy. After gastric bypass surgery there is rapid weight loss lasting for 12-18 months. This weight loss is usually followed by a more stable weight. Many doctors feel that women can get pregnant once a stable weight has been achieved, usually 12-18 months post-operatively. There are some observations and suggestions for women who get pregnant after bypass surgery:

  • Glucose Tolerance Testing should be interpreted with caution, and the results are difficult to interprete.
  • Average maternal weight gain during pregnancy is often less.
  • Newborn-baby weights can be lower but in a healthy weight range. 
  • A healthy balanced diet and the use of vitamin, iron, and other mineral supplements is important.
  • Nutritional deficiencies can be avoided with good medical and prenatal care.