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Welcome to Pregnancy! No matter if this is your very first  pregnancy or your third or fourth, you're sure to have a lot of questions. Play our BabyPools with your family, friends and co-workers, or other members across the globe!

On this page you will be able to find out more about early pregnancy symptoms, check our week-by-week pregnancy timeline, create your unique pregnancy calendar and calculate your due date. Then use our pregnancy safety pages to see what food you can and cannot eat, and check our pregnancy beauty tips.

Pregnancy Calculators and Tools

Pregnancy Countdown Calculator and Calendar
If you are pregnant, these are all the tools and calculators you need. More....

Your Daily Pregnancy Life - How To Survive Pregnancy

Healthy food during pregnancy
While the baby-to-be is at the center of your attention, you should also take care of yourself!

Vaginal Discharge as Early Pregnancy Sign

thick white discharge & early pregnancy discharge
Vaginal Discharge can often be observed as an early pregnancy sign and symptom

Postpartum - After Delivery

How to care for your newborn baby
Postpartum, after delivery, information including recovery and breastfeeding

Pregnancy Ultrasound Tools

These ultrasound sonogram pregnancy calculators and tools help you with ultrasound measurements

Pregnancy Complications from A-Z

Read all about pregnancy complications from A to Z. More....

Your Pregnancy Week By Week

Pregnant woman relaxing outdoors
Welcome to pregnancy! We provide information on your exciting week by week journey.....

Baby Eye Color Calculator

baby eye color calculator
Select mom's and dad's eye colors and interactively see your baby's eye color. Calculate Now....

Foods To Avoid In Pregnancy

Fast food
Which foods you should avoid in pregnancy. What is safe and what is not.....

Gay and Lesbian Pregnancy

A gay and lesbian pregnancy can be the same or can be different than a heterosexual pregnancy.

Fun and other Calculators and Tools

Here are more calculators and tools for everybody. For fun and otherwise. More....