"Traditional sex" (penis-in-vagina) may be advised against in certain pregnancies if there is a history of problems during the pregnancy including miscarriages, premature labor, an incompetent cervix, or bleeding during pregnancy. Yet there are other ways to enjoy a satisfying sex life without having intercourse. Here are some tips to stay safe.

Avoid anal sex

The anal canal is blood rich and anal sex can disturb the soft tissues and cause bleeding from the anus. There are also greater concerns associated with anal sex, such as sexually transmitted infections.

Use a condom

Condoms are not just for pregnancy prevention but can be used also during pregnancy to prevent infections and prevent sperm from entering the vagina. Discuss with your doctor if you can make love if he uses a condom.

Oral sex 

There are no hazards associated with receiving oral sex during pregnancy. If you are concerned about infection, a dental dam can be used to increase safety. You can perform oral sex while pregnant but again, if transmission of infection is a concern, you can use a dental dam or a condom created for oral sex. These condoms do not have the normal lubricants used during intercourse. Swallowing semen during pregnancy is allowable as long as the partner does not have any sexually transmitted diseases. In the case of infection, use an oral sex condom. 


The safest and most comfortable form of sex during pregnancy when intercourse is not allowed is masturbation involving clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation or both. For partners who want to experience the passion of sex without physical intercourse, both partners can mutually masturbate. Joint masturbation may not be as sensuous as physical sex but it is a safe way to enjoy each other's company in an intimate light.

Toys and sex

Sex toys can be used during pregnancy as long as the toys do not cause harm to the cervix or the vagina. Using external toys increases the risk of infection, so both parties need to make sure the toys are disinfected before and after each use.

Increased blood flow and irritation

Due to the increased blood flow to the vagina, irritation can occur during sex. Using proper lubricants during intercourse will prevent irritation and potential bleeding from occurring. There can be some sensitivity to certain lubricants as well. If you become sensitive, stop using that lubrication until after pregnancy.

Cuts and knicks to the vagina

Due to the increased sensitivity of the vagina, any touch to the inside of the vagina needs to be aided with lubricant. Fingernails must also be trimmed close to avoid knicking the vagina. There is cause to believe that calluses on the hands can also cause irritation to the vagina in some cases. These irritations can lead to cuts that can become infected.

Orgasms and sparking labor

The female orgasm releases oxytocin into the bloodstream. Though this oxytocin is similar to the drug the obstetrician may use to spark labor in the hospital and use after labor to help shrink the uterus back to normal size, there is insufficient evidence that it actually increases your chances of going into labor. If you are at risk of premature labor, you should discuss this with your doctor.

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