Male infertility is the reason that almost half of couples seek infertility treatments. There are several things a man can do to improve his fertility.

Improve his fertility

While there is much discussion about female infertility, infertility itself is not solely a female problem. Male infertility is the reason that almost half of couples seek infertility treatments. There are several things a man can do to improve his fertility. 

Avoid tobacco and recreational drugs

Smoking tobacco can decrease your sperm count and increase your white blood cell count. Both of these can decrease overall fertility. By avoiding tobacco you remove one obstacle that is preventing you from improving your fertility. There are many different types of recreational drugs and most have been shown to affect male fertility. Some of these drugs can affect sperm motility, lower the sperm count, increase the number of abnormal sperm, and can prevent fertilization. Because the effects of recreational drugs can be so damaging to male fertility, it is necessary to cease using them in order to improve fertility. 

Cool off

Excessive heat around the testes can reduce overall sperm count. In order to raise the sperm count and improve fertility men need to provide the sperm with a cooler environment in which to develop. There are several simple steps that can produce results. Men who are trying to improve their fertility need to avoid hot baths, hot tubs, and Jacuzzis.  Other things to be avoided are laptops that are directly over the testes for long periods of time and extreme and prolonged heat. Another activity that can raise the temperature of the testes is prolonged bicycle riding. If you like to bike consider limiting the time you are on the seat to under thirty minutes at a time. 

Reduce caffeine

Small amounts of caffeine do not seem to affect fertility. However, large amounts of caffeine cause sperm to swim slower thereby reducing male fertility. In order to improve fertility reduce or eliminate caffeine from your daily diet while you and your partner are trying to conceive.

Alcohol consumption

Along the same lines as smoking and recreational drug use, alcohol consumption can negatively affect male fertility. In addition to lowering sperm count and affecting the motility of the sperm, overuse of alcohol can cause the male to experience increasing amounts of erectile dysfunction.

Prescription medications

There are prescription medications given for psoriasis and ulcers that can affect a male’s fertility. If you are trying to conceive and the male is taking prescription medications for these conditions, make sure to talk with his doctor about alternative medications that may not affect sperm development and fertility.

There are situations and medical conditions that may affect male fertility. While he will not be able to change these factors, taking control of the lifestyle tweaks that may help to increase his fertility is an important step in the conception of a child. Infertility is often associated with the female side of the pair, but male infertility is just as common as female infertility. Lifestyle and medication changes may help you to conceive that child you dream of having sooner than you think.

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