Concerns About Pregnancy Discharge

    There are so many hormonal and physical changes going on in the body during pregnancy, women often lose track of what is normal and what should cause concern. Pregnancy discharge is a common symptom of pregnancy related to hormonal changes. The type of pregnancy discharge during pregnancy mean the difference between normal secretions and potential infection.

    What does normal pregnancy discharge look like?

    Normal pregnancy discharge will be milky in texture. It may appear on your underwear as a smear. This is the same vaginal discharge you had before becoming pregnant, but with increased estrogen and blood volume there is just more of the pregnancy discharge than you are used to.

    What does normal pregnancy discharge smell like?

    The pregnancy discharge may have a mild odor. That odor is dependent on several factors including diet and hydration. Too little water intake could cause the smell to be slightly stronger than normal.

    What is pregnancy discharge?

    Pregnancy discharge occurs as a result of the natural cleansing process of the vagina. Dead cells from the vaginal walls, cervical discharge and bacteria (normal in the vagina) are all part of pregnancy discharge.

    I just found out I am pregnant and I have lots of pregnancy discharge, why?

    During the first few weeks of pregnancy cervical discharge collects and develops the cervical plug. The plug literally seals shut the cervix during the entire pregnancy. Late in the third trimester the plug will loosen and dislodge. This is often one of the first signs that labor will start soon.

    Is clear, thin pregnancy discharge normal?

    Pregnancy discharge is typically white or off-white in color. Thin, clear discharge may be amniotic fluid so contact your obstetrician for an appointment or advice, especially if you feel as though you are urinating when the discharge expels or if it comes in a constant trickle.

    How do I know when pregnancy discharge is not normal?

    Any pregnancy discharge that is yellow, greenish or any color other than milky white should be brought to the attention of your obstetrician. If pregnancy discharge has a strong odor this could also be a sign of infection.


    Pregnancy discharge is a normal part of pregnancy. Early in pregnancy it is often associated with the development of the cervical plug. Later in pregnancy, it works as a lubricant for the vaginal canal during labor. Pregnant women who have questions about pregnancy discharge should feel comfortable asking their obstetrician.