Q: What is a didelphic uterus?

A: A uterus didelphys is a double uterus sometimes associated with a double cervix. In approximately 75% of cases, a thin wall separates the vagina into two parts.

Uterus anomalies bicornuate didelphysMost women with a uterus didelphys experience no symptoms though they may experience dyspareunia as a result of the vaginal wall. The reproductive outcome of women with the condition is better than with other types of uterine anomalies, because of a better blood supply.

The likelihood of having a successful pregnancy with a uterus didelphys is approximately 60%. However, women with the condition are at high risk of premature labor and spontaneous abortion due to an incompetent cervix. Surgical correction of a uterus didelphys is rarely indicated, but pregnant women should be closely monitored for proper cervical function.

Diagnostic procedures
A uterus didelphys can be diagnosed by visual inspection of a double cervix or manipulation during a pelvic exam.


Women with a uterus didelphys may benefit from cervical cerclage during pregnancy. Surgical correction via metroplasty is difficult and reserved for a few highly selected cases.