Food During Labor and DeliverySolid food is that source of energy you could really use about five hours into labor, but the one thing you will be denied if you're thinking of eating a full meal. However, if you're thinking of consuming something that provides energy for the upcoming bout of hard pushing, you may be surprised to find your OB gives you the go-ahead.

There are differing opinions about the impact of eating solid food during labor on birth outcome. Some obstetricians worry that eating could result in complications, but studies have proven that women with that extra bit of energy provided by the labor snack was enough to reduce the time spent in labor by up to 90 minutes. (Even if you weren't hungry now you want to eat, right?)

Inevitably you'll have to ask your OB (obstetrician) or the anethesiologist for permission and if she says yes, stick with the light stuff. Toast and plain pasta or other low-fat starch are perfect. You'll want to stay away from vegetables and fatty foods as they may cause a little trouble in the digestion department and that's all you need when pushing.