Most hospitals offer breastfeeding classes and consultations at the time of birth for mothers interested in learning about breastfeeding methods. Classes are typically held before birth, but a lactation consultant may be available to talk with you after birth; some are even willing to visit you in the hospital for a personal meeting with you and baby.

During the visit, you will talk about methods of breastfeeding, including positions. The consultant will watch how you bring the baby to the breast and give advice on the best methods of attachment. If there are issues with baby latching on or you cannot seem to get the hang of breastfeeding, additional meetings may occur before and after discharge.

Breastfeeding is a natural process, but that doesn't mean it's easy. Infants are born with the natural ability to suck, but without a good latch, breastfeeding can be painful for mom and stressful for baby. To learn more about lactation consultation at your birthing hospital, contact the OB floor and ask for the name and phone number of the staff lactation consultant. If a lactation expert is not available or if you're birthing at an alternative facility, you may need to contact La Leche League USA, a non-profit organization offering mother-to-mother breastfeeding support.