There is little doubt that more mothers will ask to be in the delivery room than grandfathers. The process of delivering a baby naturally can be quite intimate and some fathers understand from the start that they are not meant to be, nor do they want to be, part of that experience. However, some dads are excited by the idea of experiencing the birthing experience with their daughters. Before saying yes or no, think about all aspects of the birthing processand how you truly feel about your father being there.

  • Labor involves a complete disregard for personal space and privacy. Are you ready for your dad to be a part of that?
  • Do you feel comfortable with your dad seeing you naked?
  • Does your partner feel comfortable with your dad being in the room?

There is a difference between dad being in the delivery room during labor and the active pushing stage. Think about all aspects of labor and delivery and discuss the topic with your partner before making your decision.