Having the nipples pierced is not recommended while pregnant or
breastfeeding. There have been no reported cases of women who were
unable to breastfeed because of a piercing. Due to the risk of infection physicians suggest waiting for at least three months after the milk has ceased. The body after this period is not as stressed and it was when pregnant or breastfeeding.

breastfeeding-pierced-nipples.jpgMost women will remove the ring and replace with a retainer to maintain the piercing. There may be oozing of milk from the pierced site, this is normal. There are many ducts that allow flow of the milk. Chances of restricting all are nearly impossible.

For women who have had their nipples pierced for sometime, there is no special care that is needed if healed properly. Closely monitor the areas for any signs of beginning stages of an infection. Signs of infection could be as simple as soreness, warmth or redness to severe as obvious as a pus discharge.

Again there are several safety precautions that should have been followed by the technician that did the piercing. An autoclave to sterilize instruments, gloves, a clean area and all supplies should be in sealed in the original packaging until ready for use.

The risk of infection is of greatest concern followed by the transmission of diseases if dirty needles or other equipment has been used. Hepatitis and HIV are of most concern when physicians find that a patient has had a recent piercing.

If the area becomes red and painfully swollen, it could be that an infection has set up. It is best to check with you physician if you have any questions or concerns. All questions and concerns need to be directed to your mid-wife, OB-GYN or other healthcare professional.