How Safe Is It To Whiten My Teeth At Home?

How often should you see the dentist while pregnant?

Most doctors recommend seeing your dentist at least once during pregnancy. Gum disease during pregnancy has been found to increase certain pregnancy complications such as premature deliveries.

There have not been enough studies to show whether or not home whitening kits for your teeth are safe during pregnancy. Physicians suggest waiting until after pregnancy and nursing before beginning a whitening treatment containing hydrogen peroxide or some other kind of bleaching ingredient. Normally the active ingredient in these kits is hydrogen peroxide. Water with another oxygen atom added is the atomic makeup of peroxide. With water being a common and safe element of the body, most dentists consider bleaching a safe procedure.

How do hormones affect your dental health?

Hormones during pregnancy can affect the gum tissue causing a condition known as “pregnancy gingivitis”. Signs and symptoms can be tender, swollen, and sometimes bleeding gums. If you are experiencing these symptoms, using whitening kits can aggravate and worsen the condition.

During pregnancy, it is best to visit your dentist and hygienist for regular cleanings as suggested. Good dental hygiene as in brushing regularly, flossing, and regular dental cleanings can keep your smile looking bright and healthy. Also using a mouth rinse formulated to reduce plaque and bacteria can help keep your teeth looking bright and healthy.

Try whitening toothpaste as an alternative

Whitening toothpaste, although they are not as effective, can help to whiten your teeth somewhat. Another option would be finding a dentist that uses a special type of light to whiten teeth. There are other types of whitening procedures that dental offices are now using. If you choose this type of treatment, let your dentist or hygienist that you are pregnant and what trimester you are in.

Consulting your physician and dentist with any questions and concerns is always the best way to obtain the most accurate and up to date information. As of now, there are too many unknowns to deem home whitening kits safe or not.

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