Can I Get Pregnant the First Week After Giving Birth?

For the first six to eight weeks after giving birth to my first, second, third and fourth children, I did not want ANYTHING to do with sex. ... read more »

Revisit Courtship to Rekindle After-Baby Sexual Flames

One topic that often weighs on the minds of parents of a newborn is sex. Psychotherapist Esther Perel urges new parents to expand a “narrow definition of what sex is” at this turning point in life. ... read more »

Lower Sexual Interest in Postpartum Women

After giving birth, women often report having lower sexual interest. It is often accepted as just being a part of giving birth and moving from pregnant woman to new mom. The revelation could help women feel less negative about looming sexual interest. ... read more »

Common Postpartum Problems: Painful Sex After Pregnancy

Experiencing postpartum discomfort isn't unusual, though the severity of discomfort you feel will depend on the type of delivery you had. ... read more »

Sex After Childbirth: How Soon?

Pregnancy comes with a lot of questions. Some of them get asked but many are left unspoken. One question often left unasked is, how soon is it safe to have sex after childbirth? A team of researchers in Australia asked the question and shared the answers. ... read more »

New Mothers Wait Six Weeks Before Having Sex

According to a study published in BJOG, new mothers wait the recommended six weeks before having vaginal intercourse after the birth of their first child. Moreover, operative delivery leads to longer wait times. ... read more »

Psychiatric Disorders and Effective Postpartum Contraception

Researchers from the Preventative Medicine Department in Sao Paulo recently published a study in the journal Contraception on the possible link between postpartum psychiatric disorders and choice of contraception. ... read more »

How Safe Is Sex During And After Pregnancy?

How safe is it to have sex during and after pregnancy? Can intercourse during pregnancy harm the baby? How soon can resume sexual activity after you deliver? ... read more »

Great Postpartum Sex in 12 Steps

The traditional rule of "no sex for six weeks" after giving birth has no real basis in science, and many couples want to resume having sexual intercourse earlier than the 6 weeks. ... read more »

How to Have Alternative Sex in Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Traditional Sex (penis-in-vagina) is contraindicated in certain pregnancies where the woman has a history of problems during the pregnancy such as a risk of premature delivery. ... read more »

Postpartum Sex: When to Do it Again

Does a woman really have to wait six weeks after delivery to resume sex? Can you do it earlier? What about if you want to wait longer than six weeks postpartum? ... read more »

The Impact of Baby on Your Sex Drive

Sex is a major issue for most women, especially during pregnancy and after giving birth. Studies have indicated a couple’s sex life is one of the most pressing issues within a relationship, and is ranked among the top three reasons couples divorce. ... read more »

Do I Really Have to Wait?

It is not so unusual to have babies a year and a half or two years apart. What really stuns me are the women who are pregnant when their babies are only a month or two old. ... read more »

Common Postpartum Problems: Episiotomy Issues

If you received a small incision in your perineum while giving birth, this procedure is called an episiotomy. It is sometimes necessary in order to make more room for your baby during delivery. ... read more »