pregnancy fashion button downWhen it comes to fashion that's borrowed from the boys, blazers, button down shirts, oversized sweaters and denim top my list of favorites. These pieces are essential for every pregnant woman's wardrobe. You can steal your man's sweaters (like I do), but it's also a good idea to invest in some pieces of your own.

There is nothing like a warm cozy oversized sweater when it is cold out. Since the oversized sweater can look a bit messy, try it on with skinny jeans to balance the look. Layer your sweater over a white button down shirt and a pair of black jeans for a sharp tailored look.

I love a great white button down shirt when I am pregnant because it goes with everything. I tend to buy the button down a few sizes bigger, so it can grow with my baby bump while covering my derrier. There is nothing more crisp and fresh than a white button down shirt. Pair it was jeans and a blazer for a perfect spring look. Finish it off with a bold-colored pair of flats to add a pop of color.

The blazer is a must have piece for every woman. The completes every look and is an effortless way to look smart and sleek. The blazer can take you from the office through the weekend.

        pregnancy fashion male-inspired

Since getting dressed while pregnant can be very challenging at times, hopefully these pieces will make going into your closet a little easier. Try editing your wardrobe so you aren't constantly sifting through it trying to find something to wear. Having these essential go-to pieces in your closet can make getting dressed in the morning that much easier. It's better to invest in a few great pieces that you can go to everyday, instead of buying a lot of junk that you will only wear once or twice. These pieces can be worn again and again and can even be worn after your pregnancy.

And on that note, spring is finally here! Take a few hours to go through your closet and give away all the shirts, pants, shoes, etc. that you never wear. I promise this spring cleaning will do you good and make getting dressed during pregnancy that much better. There is no reason to hang onto things that just sit there in the back of your closet, especially with a little one on the way. Happy cleaning!

Caroline Rahmey is a fashion designer who lives in NYC with her
son and husband. Caroline went to FIT and later launched her clothing
line, Caroline Hedaya.
Caroline recently started Nine Month Project,
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