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Getting pregnant and having a healthy baby is one of the biggest joys in life. Deciding you want to start a family is a big decision and one that is fraught with questions. What are my chances of getting pregnant? Am I fertile? Is my partner? Am I pregnant? Is my pregnancy normal? Is my baby safe?

We are here to help answer your top questions and address any fears you may have along the way in your pregnancy journey, under the direction of Dr. Amos Grunebaum, founder of babyMed and a New York City-based obstetrician and gynecologist, professor, and maternal-fetal medicine specialist dedicated to improving patient safety and treating high-risk pregnancies for over three decades. Dr. Amos has delivered over 5,000 babies and has supervised more than 20,000 deliveries. (Read his full bio.)

babyMed is an online library of knowledge with online pregnancy tools, quizzes, calculators, and blogs, in addition to accurate medical-based content. Today the website is used by half of all pregnant women in the U.S., as well as international visitors, who turn to babyMed for pregnancy facts, accuracy, advice, and encouragement.

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The babyMed top searches that bring visitors to us include information on fertility and pregnancy as well as tools that calculate fertility dates, pregnancy week by week, and due dates:

Pregnancy week by week calendar

Can you calculate how far along I am in my pregnancy?

Conception and pregnancy due date calculator

When is my due date and when did I conceive?

Can vaginal discharge be a first pregnancy symptom and sign?

Is my vaginal discharge an early symptom and sign of pregnancy?

Normal hCG levels in pregnancy

What are the normal hCG (human choriogonadotropin) levels in pregnancy?

Implantation calculator

Can you calculate exactly when implantation will happen?

Pregnancy test: Am I pregnant?

How can I find out with this online pregnancy test if I am really pregnant?

Fertility and ovulation calendar and calculator

When are my fertile days to have sex and improve my chances of getting pregnant? When do I ovulate? How can we have a boy or a girl?

Early pregnancy signs and symptoms

What are the early pregnancy signs and symptoms in early pregnancy? Could these symptoms mean that I am pregnant?

Gender Predictor: Is it a girl or a boy?

How do I predict the baby's gender and find out whether it's a girl or a boy?

Baby's eye color

How can I calculate and predict what my baby's eye color will be?

Pregnancy test predictor calculator

How do I calculate on which day the pregnancy test should be positive?

Fetal and obstetric ultrasound measurements

What are my baby's ultrasound measurements and how can I calculate them?

hCG pregnancy hormone calculator

Can you calculate whether my hCG levels are rising normally and draw a graph for me?

Late menstrual period calculator

Can you calculate if my menstrual period is late?

Implantation bleeding and spotting quiz

With a few questions and answers, can you tell me if it's implantation bleeding or spotting?

Early signs and symptoms of labor

Do these signs and symptoms that I have mean that I am in early or advanced labor? 

Pregnancy weight gain calculator

Can you calculate if I am gaining the right amount of weight during pregnancy?

Positive pregnancy test after implantation

When does the pregnancy test turn positive after implantation?

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