You’re busy, baby’s busy – everyone is busy which means everyone needs a little extra energy. Planning for a trip to the store may seem like an amazing adventure at this point because it feels like baby needs a suitcase full of supplies. Remember to pack snacks, for baby and mom, and water on every trip. Something as simple as a granola bar for mom and finger cereal for baby can mean a world of difference. Even though baby is clingier than ever, try to plan at least a few hours a week of mommy time to keep your sanity.

Your Baby’s Development
You may have noticed a bit of separation anxiety starting last month, but this month baby gets exceptionally clingy. Travel is particularly hard as he has grown used to his surroundings, things he knows and people he trusts. The seemingly simple act of driving longer distances in a car is a difficult concept for him to comprehend. When visiting family, take time away from new faces to give baby some time to relax without the stress of being the center of the show.

Baby’s memory is advancing rapidly. Just a short time ago she could not remember no for more than a few seconds, but now she remembers things for days. She knows where her favorite toys are and how to imitate things she sees.

Your Baby’s Food
His hand-to-mouth skills are drastically improving. He is likely mastering the sippy cup and loves to play with his food. Some mothers choose to wean baby from the breast or bottle as early as nine or 10 months, though experts suggest waiting until at least 12 months (preferably up to 18 months) to wean. His digestive system is growing used to solid foods and he may even be moving into more complex or combination foods. If you are feeding baby from the table, remember to leave out spices and added sugars and fats. He doesn’t need butter on his mashed potatoes or salt on his vegetables.

Your Baby’s Health Issues

Baby is not likely scheduled for another well visit until his 12-month checkup. The biggest threat to baby is his growing fascination with walking. He will grab the edge of a table and pull himself up to a standing position to cruise around the room. He may have even learned how to move from one piece of furniture to the next making it easier to cover large spaces in a short time. Never leave objects on furniture that could harm baby as he can climb, grab and put just about anything in his mouth.

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