Every time you turn around there is something else you need to do or another late night call from baby. Fatigue is part of the first year of life, but there are some tricks to help you feel better throughout the day. If your mornings are groggy, try a cup of coffee or two. Black tea is a good substitute if you don’t drink coffee because it contains more caffeine than other tea varieties. Stop drinking caffeine around lunch time to improve your chances of sleeping through the night.

Your Baby’s Development
That babbling baby’s been doing for the last few months is quickly starting to sound like adult language. The time for baby talk has passed. When he uses words like ba-ba for bottle, ask him if he wants a bottle. Even at times when you know what baby is inferring, but the sounds don’t match the proper words, speak the right word(s) for the objects. Baby is listening and he will use the words you speak to form his knowledge of language and expand his vocabulary.

Your Baby’s Food
Baby has expanded his palette to include cereal, simple fruits and vegetables and combinations of foods like ham and fruit or chicken and sweet potato. As baby nears his first birthday, he is primed to learn how to feed himself, no matter how messing the ordeal may be. Up until now many parents given baby the option of using a spoon or fork to eat, but often start or finish the meal by helping baby along. His hand-to-mouth coordination is excellent and he can feed himself, though he may be more interested in throwing food at you, the dog and all over the floor. Messes are part of baby feeding time, so through a drop cloth under the high chair and allow him to move into the world of self-guided feeding.

Your Baby’s Health Issues
There are no big health obstacles in month 11, but stay consistent with baby-proofing your home. With each passing day baby is learning more about mobility. Pair that with his increasing curiosity and things could get dangerous if you are not careful to put away things that could harm baby. Of particular concern are medicines, sharp objects and small objects that baby can fit in his mouth. You may also want to look into an oven door lock and stabilizers for appliances and tall furniture. It is common for babies to pull and climb on anything and everything and front heavy furniture could be dangerous.

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