Bloodshot eyes after labor are not uncommon. If you look like you just finished up a major boxing match, your body may just be reacting to labor.

Causes of Bloodshot Eyes Postpartum
During delivery, women are told to push in order to pass their baby through the vaginal canal and into the world. While pushes should be centered in the lower region of the body, the pressure may feel like the same pushing associated with a bowel movement. Out of embarrassment and extreme effort, some women push with their face instead of their lower body and this can cause the blood vessels in the eyes to burst resulting in bloodshot eyes.

Important Facts About Bloodshot Eyes Postpartum
While you may look a bit scary, your baby will not notice. The blood vessels will heal on their own and the blood will be absorbed back into the body. Within a week or two after giving birth, your eyes will show no signs of pushing.

Treatment for Bloodshot Eyes Postpartum
Cold compresses applied directly to the eyes may help reduce swelling and speed up blood absorption. These compresses can be applied several times a day as needed. As the healing process takes time, wearing a pair of stylish shades to hide the bloodshot eyes when out in public is not a bad idea. Sunglasses are also perfect for eye health, so they pack a one-two punch.

In some cases, redness of the eyes can be treated with over-the-counter eye drops. These can be used as needed for relief and may also reduce any pain associated with the condition.

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