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Prenatal Antenatal Birthing Pregnancy Childbirth Education Class

This pregnancy guide has everything you need to know from conception to postpartum: pregnancy basics, labor, birth, parenting, breastfeeding, nutrition, safety concerns, and more. ... more »
Serena Williams

New Mom Serena Williams Set To Play Wimbledon Finals After Serious Postpartum Complications

Just 10 months after giving birth to her baby daughter, new mom Serena Williams is set to play the final game in Wimbledon. Williams had a grueling labor and delivery, and life-threatening postpartum complications. ... more »

Chest pain in pregnancy and postpartum postbirth

Chest pain during and after pregnancy can be normal or a serious indication of a life-threatening problem. Any chest pain during pregnancy, postpartum and postbirth must be checked as quickly as possible to prevent and treat potential complications. ... more »
All about breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Guide

Learning how to breastfeed will take some preparation, but you can get off to a successful start by learning the basics. This breastfeeding guide will show you how to start a beautiful and bonding experience! ... more »
How to care for your newborn baby

10 Things Nobody Told You About Your Postpartum Period

Hey, new parents, how was that trip home from the hospital?  Some new parents describe the drive from hospital to home with a new baby in tow as the most nerve-wracking, frightening, looooooongest, and slooooooooowest ride of their lives and, surely, every other driver on the road was out to get them.  But you made it!  You managed to get your precious cargo home unscathed and now you’re settin ... more »
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When will the first postpartum menstrual period come after the baby?

You had your baby and now you are wondering when to expect your next menstrual period. When will you bleed the first time after the delivery? ... more »
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Gestational Diabetes Prevention Program Successful for Postpartum Weight Loss

Gestational diabetes increases the likelihood that a woman will develop diabetes and heart disease long after giving birth.  Losing  pregnancy pounds and maintaining or adopting an active lifestyle after childbirth does provide long-term protection against chronic disease development but that goal can be difficult to achieve.  Researchers at Kaiser Permanente recently devised a GEM of a s ... more »
Breastfeeding newborn

US Army Enlists New Breastfeeding Policy

On September 29, the US Army became the final military branch to implement a breastfeeding policy for new mothers in the Army. ... more »
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My Postpartum, Part 2

I am finally in love with mothering. Finally. Finally. It's been 14 months since my daughter was born and it is only now that I can say I enjoy and embrace my role as a mother. Only now. ... more »
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My Postpartum, Part 1

I stare down at her and I am filled with fury. Fury that she has wrecked my world. Despair, because I have to live in this hellish new reality. Resentful, that she needs me so much. ... more »