Iron deficiency is a potential health issue for many pregnant women. Iron supplements are often ordered to prevent or treat iron deficiency and/or anemia associated with iron deficiency. Researchers from the Babol University of Medical Sciences recently investigated the difference between intermittent and daily iron supplementation in a pregnant population.

The trial included 145 pregnant women, all considered healthy. The pregnant women were split into two groups. The first group was given a 50 mg iron supplement daily and the second group was given a 50 mg iron supplement three times a week. Researchers used a CBC (complete blood count) test that included iron measurements, to determine the efficacy of each iron supplementation protocol.

Results: Both groups measured lower iron levels later in the pregnancy. Daily and intermittent iron supplementation offered the same support with comparable outcomes between groups one and two.

Source: Sadighian F, Haydeh Samiei H, Alaoddolehei H, Kalantari N. Efficacy of daily versus intermittent administration of iron supplementation in anemia or blood indices during pregnancy. Caspian J Intern Med. 2013 Winter;4(1):569-73.