Six Energy-Alternatives During Pregnancy

There are many other healthy ways besides consuming caffeine to gain energy. Read on to learn six caffeine-free energy-boosting strategies that you can practice to ensure a healthy pregnancy.   ... read more »

Anemia Before and During Pregnancy

Anemia is defined as not having enough red blood cells. During pregnancy, blood is usually tested at the first prenatal visit and then again at the beginning of the third trimester. ... read more »

Prenatal Maternal Anemia Affects Baby's Brain, Says Study

A recent study explored a possible link between pregnant women with anemia and birth defects, mainly autism, ADHD, and intellectual disability. ... read more »

Postpartum Hemorrhage

Postpartum hemorrhage or bleeding is defined as the loss of more than 500 mL of blood after delivery. Postpartum hemorrhage occurs in up to 1 in 5 births. ... read more »

Is it Okay to Diet During Pregnancy?

For some women, the worries about pregnancy weight may cause her to diet. It is unsafe to diet in pregnancy, though weight loss is not dangerous in some cases, as was once thought. ... read more »

Childhood Anemia at High Altitude

According to researchers and authors from Harvard Medical School, children at high altitude are at increased risk of severe disease and anemia than children raised at lower altitudes. The study was published in the October 7, 2013 edition of Pediatrics online. ... read more »

Iron/Zinc Combination May be Beneficial for Pregnant Women

Some pregnant women receive iron supplements during pregnancy to treat or prevent anemia, but researchers in Ghana believe patients with anemia that do not respond to iron supplementation may benefit from supplemental zinc. ... read more »

Treating Pregnancy Anemia with Oral Iron Versus Iron Sucrose

IDA or iron deficiency anemia is common during pregnancy. Treating pregnant women with iron supplements is a viable option to reduce or cure the anemia and prevent negative side effects on the pregnancy, fetus and mother. ... read more »

Three Minutes to Improved Iron Levels

When clamping the umbilical cord, doctors should wait a full three minutes after birth to reduce the risk of iron deficiency later in life. A study published in BMJ supports waiting to clamp the umbilical cord. ... read more »

Iron (Serum) During Pregnancy

The serum iron test simply measures the amount of iron in the blood. Iron is needed to produce red blood cells. The body will store excess iron for use when food sources of iron don't provide enough during any given period. ... read more »

Red Cell Distribution Width During Pregnancy

Red cell distribution width is a measurement of variation between red blood cells sizes. There should be an even distribution of immature and mature /small and large red blood cells. ... read more »

Effect of Iron Deficiency Anemia in Pregnancy

Does iron deficiency anemia (IDA) during pregnancy affect the mental development of the fetus? Researchers from United Nations Children'sFund Office for China recently completed a study claims there is aconnection between the two. ... read more »

Daily or Intermittent Iron Supplement During Pregnancy?

Iron deficiency is a potential health issue for many pregnant women. Iron supplements are often ordered to prevent or treat iron deficiency and/or anemia associated with iron deficiency. ... read more »

Fetal Anemia and Cord Blood Malaria in HIV-Positive Moms

Pregnancy with HIV can change the dynamic of pregnancy and may be associated with negative pregnancy and fetal outcomes, including increased risk of fetal anemia and cord blood malaria parasitemia. ... read more »

High-Risk Pregnancy - Maternal

Maternal causes of a high-risk pregnancy ... read more »