bottle feeding babyA recent study published in the journal Pediatrics International shows a correlation between feeding method and infant growth in male offspring. Information for the study was collected by researchers at Showa University School of Medicine in Tokyo.

Information was collected from 204 school-age children between six years and nine years of age. Children were placed into one of two groups based upon feeding method at four months of age – breastfed or formula fed. When growth data was compared between the two groups, male children in the breastfed group showed significant height and weight differences compared to the formula fed group. There appeared to be no difference between the two groups in female offspring.

When doctors assess infant growth, feeding method and gender should be taken into consideration as breastfed male infants may weigh less and measure reduced height compared to formula fed peers.

Source: Nagahara K, Dobashi K, Itabashi K. Feeding choice has a gender-associated effect on infant growth. Pediatr Int. 2013 May 10. doi: 10.1111/ped.12123.