Atlanta police officer Tim Sheffield got a big surprise when he checked in with the occupants of a vehicle stranded in the snow-packed streets of Georgia in January. A massive winter storm had blanketed much of the United States in snow and ice. Gridlock on the nation’s highways, streets, and bridges had brought traffic to a stand-still just about everywhere.

Sheffield asked the driver what had become the usual question: “You stuck or broke down?” This time, he got a highly unusual response: “Nope. We’re having a baby.”

Nick and Amy Anderson were headed to the delivery room on January 28 when they became stuck in the snowy traffic jam that seemed to hold all of Atlanta hostage. Travel was slow and treacherous, at best.

Before long, Amy broke the news to her husband: We’re having this baby in the car. Nick quickly gave up on trying to navigate safely through the chaos and called 911 for help. The emergency dispatcher tried to talk Tim through the steps of delivering a baby and it wasn’t long before Officer Sheffield showed up.

Sheffield describes Nick’s response to his initial question as “real calm” but it soon became obvious Nick had never seen a baby delivered before. When the baby’s head “popped out,” Nick started pulling it.

The police officer told him, “No, no, no, don’t pull.” All the baby really needed was just another push from mom and that happened without incident. Baby Grace was born right there in the car, in the snow, on a highway, with a police officer, not a doctor, in attendance.

In an interview with CNN, Amy described the blessed reason behind the baby’s name. “When we gave her the name, Grace, it just fully explained the whole situation. Just by the grace of God that we all came out healthy.”

There’s no doubt the Andersons are proud of their new arrival and Officer Sheffield’s pretty proud of her, too. Chances are, he’ll remember her every year on her birthday since her birthday is his birthday, too.

Sheffield summed up the experience quite gracefully when he said, “Sometimes I get to be at the right place at the right time to see amazing things.”

The family made it safely to the hospital where all was peaceful and warm. Mom and baby are doing just fine after Grace’s memorable meeting with Old Man Winter.

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