Newborn Evaluation Malonic AciduriaResearchers and doctors at the Sanford School of Medicine at the University of South Dakota noticed 10 cases of what appeared to be malonic aciduria within seven months at the hospital. Malonic aciduria is a rare condition that affects metabolism. After the elevated test results the newborns were put through a series of tests that ruled out the condition. There were no actual positives in the group. Through careful evaluation it was found that Sani-Cloth wipes used during the dried blood spot collection were the case of the false positive test results.

Conclusion: An irregular collection of false positive test results on newborn screenings need to be thoroughly examined to rule out possible test medium contamination. No additional false positive results have occurred at the hospital following the examination.

Source:  Reindl BA, Lynch DW, Ramirez M, Valbracht M, Davis-Keppen L, Tams KC, Groeneveld S. Sani-Cloth Wipe Mimics Rare Enzyme Deficiency Malonic Aciduria on Newborn Screen. Pediatrics. 2012 Oct 15.