Researchers from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Romania recently published a study in Romanian Journal of Morphology and Embryology showing a connection between acute respiratory infection and inflammatory infiltration of the placenta.

Two specific cases were noted because the same acute respiratory illness was responsible for both fetal deaths. One woman was four months pregnant and the other term. The first mother suffered a septic abortion and the second suffered fetal death in the womb associated with pneumopathy. Neither of the women adhered to medical advice and refused treatment as prescribed by the attending physician.

Acute respiratory infections in pregnant women may increase the risk of spontaneous abortion or fetal death. Larger studies are needed to reinforce the findings, though 90 placentas were studied with acute inflammatory infiltration found in some placental samples.

Source: Sandu C, Folescu R, Pop E, Motoc AG. Hematogenous placental infection in acute respiratory infections. Rom J Morphol Embryol. 2013;54(1):157-61.