During the first weeks of pregnancy, the female body goes through a huge number of changes and growth. When the mother to be wants to get out for a day of beauty there are often concerns about beauty treatments and their effect on mom and baby. While there are many safe beauty treatments that can be enjoyed during pregnancy, a few should be left for after the baby is born.

Hair Coloring

Coloring of the hair requires the use of chemicals applied to the scalp. These chemicals can be absorbed by the scalp and enter the bloodstream where the unborn fetus is exposed to the chemicals. While there have been scientific studies proving both sides of the safety of hair coloring during pregnancy debate, the spoken rule offered by most Obstetricians is to wait until after the 1st trimester when baby will be most affected by the chemicals. A healthy alternative is using a hair coloring product that does not contain chemicals or does not come in contact with the scalp.

An affective coloring choice would be highlighting the hair. When choosing to go with highlights, it is important to tell the hari stylist that you are pregnant. The room needs to be well ventilated and the color solution needs to be kept from touching the scalp.


Massages during pregnancy are not only safe, they are relaxing for mom and thus relaxing for baby. Pregnancy massage requires a specially built table that provides support for the growing belly. These tables often have indentations where the belly can rest while mom is on her tummy for the massage.

When pregnant, lying on the back may pose an uncomfortable position. It is thus important to choose a masseuse that offers massages on the side or the pregnant belly table in order for both mom and baby to stay comfortable during the massage.

Fingernails and Toenails

Due to the increase in vitamins and minerals and the blood and hormonal changes during pregnancy, the fingernails and toenails will grow faster than ever before. Manicures and pedicures are completely safe during pregnancy as long as they are performed in a well ventilated area. The chemicals associated with nail care should not be inhaled by a  pregnant woman.

Hot Tubs and Jacuzzi Tubs

The water in a hot tub is normally set to about 104 degrees. This water temperature is pre-programmed by the hot tub manufacturers. According to research, the internal core temperature of mom’s body should not reach above 102.2 degrees in order to keep mom and fetus healthy. No matter how comfortable a hot tub may feel, the water is simply too hot. A home bath that is warm but not scalding is a much safer choice.

Your normal, everyday beauty regime need not stop while you are carrying a baby. Pregnancy is a time of grow and beauty and as long as the beauty regimes you choose are tweaked a bit for pregnancy, there is no real area of concern.