When a woman becomes pregnant, her body will suddenly start a process of changes that will end with the birth of her baby. During this time, the body will need additional calories, not just to help the baby grow, but to keep the woman healthy as well. As caloric needs increase, hunger may increase as well.

Causes of Increased Appetite
The number one cause of increased appetite during pregnancy is the growing baby which needs certain vitamins, nutrients and calories to grow and develop properly. In addition, a woman's body must have enough food to maintain higher blood levels and body processes active during gestation. During the latter part of the pregnancy, increased hunger may be associated with milk production.

Important Facts About Increased Appetite
The baby may cause the body to need additional calories, but you do not have to eat for two (adults) throughout the pregnancy. The second person needing nourishment is far smaller than an adult and the portion size increase should reflect that fact. That being said, you should eat until you are satisfied and partake in healthy meals and snacks throughout her pregnancy. Choosing to eat an entire cantaloupe, for instance, adds healthy Vitamin A and C to the body, but that birthday cake does not provide much nourishment at all.

Treatment for Increased Appetite
While eating more is essential for the growth of the baby, you need to keep weight gain in check. Typically, weight gain of 25 to 30 pounds is common for a singlet pregnancy. While every woman will be different, it helps to follow a pregnancy approved diet and caloric intake program. Eating several small meals a day, choosing filling meals with high fiber intake, and making healthy snack selections can all help to combat hunger and provide healthy foods for the baby.