7 Things You Did Not Know About Getting Pregnant in Your 30s

    These seven things here that tell you what you did not know about getting pregnant in Your 30s: 1)   Get check-ups before trying to get pregnant ... more »

    Your Daily Pregnancy Life

    Your Daily Pregnancy Life ... more »

    Sweet High-Fat Pregnancy Diet Predicts Child’s ADHD, Conduct Disorders

    A recent study from the United Kingdom found it’s possible to predict which children are most likely to develop attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and conduct disorders by simply asking the mother about her diet during pregnancy.  Some children eventually outgrow ADHD and learn to control behaviors more effectively as they near adolescence but, again, mom’s too-sweet high-f ... more »

    Two New Studies Describe Brain’s Role in Overeating

    Have you ever polished off a big meal, stuffed to the gills, unable to eat another single bite, and then someone offers dessert and, since you can’t choose between the cake or the pie, you choose both?  Thanksgiving dinner, perhaps?  Two new studies that describe the brain’s role in overeating suggest it isn’t your tummy or your taste buds calling the shots here.  It’s your head. ... more »

    Drink More Water – Not Beverages – For Skinnier Body

    Never before in the history of the world have there been so many ways to quench thirst.  The array of beverages can be mind-boggling but the body works best when water is the drink of choice.  Many flavored beverages are packed with more calories than a banana split, leading some medical studies to suggest the weight-loss benefits of water is nothing more than an absence of added sugar an ... more »

    Autism Symptoms Reversed with Healthy Gut Bacteria from Breast Milk

    A new study of mice from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, has identified a particular bacterium common in human breast milk that is in severely short supply in the offspring of female mice fed a high-fat diet (HFD) during pregnancy and lactation.  The offspring exhibited symptoms of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) until the missing bacterium was introduced into their micr ... more »

    Coca-Cola Buying Science That Inadequate Exercise, Not Bad Diet, Feeds Obesity Epidemic

    Coke is working hard to fight back against political and public movements to curb soda consumption. ... more »

    Doctors Call for Reduction in Consumption of High Fructose Corn Syrup

    A team of doctors at the Mayo Clinic has published a statement on the dangers of HFCS consumption and called for restricting its consumption to an absolute minimum. ... more »

    An Avocado a Day Keeps Bad Cholesterol at Bay

    Medical science has just given the green light to avocado aficionados to indulge every day. And the science says we can do it guilt-free because it’s actually good for our health. ... more »

    Sugar is Bigger Heart Attack Risk Than Eggs

    A very large-scale study, involving tens of thousands of Americans, revealed recently that it's sugar, not the fat in the egg yolks you crave, that increases the risk for heart disease. ... more »

    A Healthy Diet for the Whole Family

    Feeding your family has become more expensive over the years and surviving on sale items and coupons seems like a better idea every day. However, when was the last time you looked at most of the cheapest foods that are on sale or less expensive? ... more »

    My Infertility Journey: Creating a Clean Environment (Part 29)

    While waiting to see if I'd actually gotten pregnant naturally, I set about intensifying my mission of cleaning up by body and my environment to make both ideal for my children. ... more »

    Follow the Mediterranean Diet and Improve Your Fertility

    It's a fact: If you watch your weight and closely follow a Mediterranean-style diet high in vegetables, vegetable oils, fish and beans then you may increase your chance of becoming pregnant. ... more »

    Can Canola Oil Help Shed Postpartum Belly Fat?

    With the 24/7 job of caring for an infant, new mothers hardly have time to shower or sleep, not to mention worry about how they will go about losing their 'baby weight.' Most new moms may be intrigued by a recent study suggesting that canola oilcan reduce belly fat. ... more »

    Is Your Diet Affecting Your Breast Milk?

    Many newly breastfeeding moms believe they have to control diet with strict guidelines to prevent gas, fussiness and passing bad stuff on to their baby, but research suggests all these strict rules could be for naught. ... more »

    Effect of daily fiber intake on reproductive function: the BioCycle Study.

    A diet high in fiber is significantly associated with decreased hormone concentrations and a higher probability of anovulation. Further study of the effect of fiber on reproductive health and of the effect of these intakes in reproductive-aged women is warranted. ... more »

    Is a Low-Acid Diet the Way To Go During Pregnancy?

    You may have heard of a new diet based on controlling the acid/base balance of the body to achieve a better state of health. The 'Alkaline Diet' is gaining popularity. ... more »

    Healthy Nutrition Guidelines for Life

    You're trying your best to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, but youdon't know enough about the elements that make up a healthy diet to make proper choices. ... more »

    Poor Diet and Your Fertility

    I’ve read tons of articles on the impact of diet and nutrition on male and female fertility. There is a simple statement that I read over and over again - Poor Diet. That term is not adequately explained in many cases, so how is the reader supposed to know what a poor diet really is. ... more »

    Dieting During Pregnancy Given the Green Light

    According to research published on, dieting is not only acceptable during pregnancy; it may be advisable for women who are overweight or obese during pregnancy. ... more »

    The New Dietary Solution to Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Gastrointestinal issues such as nausea and constipation are experienced by many pregnant women, but when a woman has irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), typical pregnancy tummy aches can be even more uncomfortable. ... more »

    Colon Cancer Treatment

    The most common treatment for colon cancer is surgery. In surgery, any tumors and surrounding areas of healthy bowel will be removed, including adjacent lymph nodes, if necessary. ... more »

    Introduction to Colon Cancer in Women: Causes and Risk Factors

    According to data from the American Cancer Society, colon cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the US. The good news is that diagnosing colon cancer early can often lead to a cure. ... more »

    Breastfeeding Safety

    Choosing to breastfeed your baby is a huge responsibility. There are certain things you need to take into account while breastfeeding. You must pay close attention to what you ingest and what activities you do that may affect your baby while nursing them. ... more »

    Losing Weight While Breastfeeding

    Here are a few tips to help you on your way to regain your original physique. It may seem difficult at first, but the key is to stick with it and you will be successful in your weight loss endeavors. ... more »

    Nursing Strikes – Baby Won’t Breastfeed

    At one point or another, it is common for a baby to refuse to be breastfed. There are a variety of reasons as to why this could be happening and it is important to diagnose the cause so you can understand how to correct the behavior. ... more »

    Better Sperm Due to Better Dieting Practices

    When exploring the realms of male fertility, diet plays a crucial role in sperm mobility. A study highlighted at the 67th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) focused on two specific types of diets as they relate to better sperm. ... more »

    Mediterranean Diet May Improve Fertility

    According to a new observational research study, the Mediterranean diet may include all the foods and nutrients the female body needs for optimal fertility. The connection between the Mediterranean diet and fertility is based on insulin re ... more »

    5 Simple Diet Changes to Control Nausea at Work

    Making simple changes to the diet is often enough to curb nausea while ensuring you keep enough food down to keep energy levels high and prevent dehydration. ... more »

    Diet May Influence Baby’s Gender

    Could choosing your baby's gender be as simple as changing the way you eat and diet? According to new research, it just may be- though not every dieter will find it simple. ... more »

    Infant’s Taste Preferences Start in the Womb

    Mother's diet during pregnancy may determine if her baby is a healthy eater in the future. ... more »

    Concerns About Pregnancy Discharge

    Pregnancy discharge is a common symptom of pregnancy related to hormonal changes. The type of pregnancy discharge means the difference between normal secretions and potential infection. ... more »

    Menopause Alternative Treatments – 5 You Need to Know

    At the end of a woman's reproductive life, there is menopause. By the time women enter their menopause years, most are finished having children and many have grandchildren running around. Natural menopause gradually reduces estrogen, progesterone, and other female hormone levels in the body. ... more »

    Menopause Exercises

    Exercising on a daily basis can be one of the most important and successful treatment options for women in menopause. ... more »

    Swelling, Swelling Everywhere

    \While most swelling is associated with increased fluid retention and dietary choices, some changes in swelling can be a marker for health issues associated with pregnancy. ... more »

    Appetite, Increased

    During pregnancy time, a woman's body will need additional calories, not just to help the baby grow, but to keep her healthy as well. As caloric needs increase, hunger may increase as well. ... more »

    Diarrhea During Pregnancy: Causes and Treatment

    Diarrhea is common during pregnancy. Learn the causes, important facts, and treatments for diarrhea during pregnancy. ... more »

    Leg Cramps

    Sharp pains in the legs, especially the calf muscles, are just a part of pregnancy. Like any other pregnancy aches, hormones are probably to blame for some of the pain, but other factors are certainly part of these irritating nightly occurrences as well. ... more »

    Linea Nigra And Pregnancy

    Linea Nigra is the medical term for that dark line that appears during pregnancy. The line often starts at the belly button and ends at the public bone. ... more »

    Skin Discoloration

    During pregnancy pigmentation on the skin frequently changes. Freckles, darker skin, and linea nigra (the dark line that appears vertically on your abdomen from your belly button to your pelvis) are all associated with pregnancy. ... more »

    How to Improve HIS Fertility in 12 Steps

    His diet is very important when trying to get pregnant. Following these 12 steps will help you improve his fertility. ... more »

    How to Eat Healthy Vegetarian and Vegan Food and Diet During Pregnancy in 12 Steps

    Vegetarians and vegans can eat a healthy diet in pregnancy as long as they follow certain rules. ... more »

    How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy in 12 Steps

    Start taking a prenatal supplement well before pregnancy. The most important part of pregnancy is the prenatal care. The first few weeks of gestation are full of quick growth for the fetus. ... more »

    Healthy Food Suggestions During Pregnancy

    Healthy food costs the same as unhealthy food, tastes better and is more nutritious. ... more »

    Dieting and Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is not the best time to diet. ... more »

    Diet and Nutrition During Pregnancy

    We are what we eat, and in the case of pregnancy our babies are what we eat. Therefore a healthy diet, not only during but also before pregnancy, is crucial to having a healthy pregnancy and baby. ... more »