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7 Things You Did Not Know About Getting Pregnant in Your 30s

These seven things here that tell you what you did not know about getting pregnant in Your 30s: 1)   Get check-ups before trying to get pregnant ... more »

Your Daily Pregnancy Life - Dos and Don'ts

Your Daily Pregnancy Life - Dos & Don'ts ... more »
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Sweet High-Fat Pregnancy Diet Predicts Child’s ADHD, Conduct Disorders

A recent study from the United Kingdom found it’s possible to predict which children are most likely to develop attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and conduct disorders by simply asking the mother about her diet during pregnancy.  Some children eventually outgrow ADHD and learn to control behaviors more effectively as they near adolescence but, again, mom’s too-sweet high-f ... more »
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Two New Studies Describe Brain’s Role in Overeating

Have you ever polished off a big meal, stuffed to the gills, unable to eat another single bite, and then someone offers dessert and, since you can’t choose between the cake or the pie, you choose both?  Thanksgiving dinner, perhaps?  Two new studies that describe the brain’s role in overeating suggest it isn’t your tummy or your taste buds calling the shots here.  It’s your head. ... more »
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Drink More Water – Not Beverages – For Skinnier Body

Never before in the history of the world have there been so many ways to quench thirst.  The array of beverages can be mind-boggling but the body works best when water is the drink of choice.  Many flavored beverages are packed with more calories than a banana split, leading some medical studies to suggest the weight-loss benefits of water is nothing more than an absence of added sugar an ... more »
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Autism Symptoms Reversed with Healthy Gut Bacteria from Breast Milk

A new study of mice from the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, has identified a particular bacterium common in human breast milk that is in severely short supply in the offspring of female mice fed a high-fat diet (HFD) during pregnancy and lactation.  The offspring exhibited symptoms of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) until the missing bacterium was introduced into their micr ... more »