Discovering you're pregnant is almost as good as the reaction on your partner's face when you share the good news. Check out these 21 creative and unique ways to make them smile.

  1. Fortune Cookie: Molly Sims famously "hijacked" her partner's fortune cookie in order to break the news to him - so can you!
  2. Take your partner to dinner and suggest you order an extra dish since you're now "eating for two." [Don't forget that "eating for two" isn't really necessary during pregnancy though]. 
  3. Frame and wrap your first ultrasound and watch as your partner unwraps your "gift."
  4. Bring your partner back to the scene of the crime (i.e. place where baby-making took place), and surprise your loved one with an "I'm pregnant!" sign in a normally clothed location.
  5. Bake a "We're Pregnant" cake or cookie and ask your partner to remove it from the oven when the timer rings.
  6. Use software that combines both of your faces to create an image of your baby. Surprise your partner with the photo.
  7. Take a romantic vacation and break the news that this may be your last in a while.
  8. Gift wrap a box with your positive pregnancy test inside. Watch as your partner opens.
  9. Write "We're Pregnant" on an old t-shirt and be wearing it when they walk in the door. If it takes them a while, ask if they notice anything different about you.
  10. Wait until you're cuddling in bed at night and ask your partner to rest their head on your belly to see if they hear anything.
  11. Walk into the room with a video camera and tell your significant other you have a surprise. Film their reaction and then send the video to your loved ones to share the good news with them.
  12. Tell your other half there's a message for them on the answering machine (they'll be mighty surprised when you've left a secret message with the news on it!)
  13. Buy a paper stork with a bundle and hang it over the door before your partner enters. Film their reaction.
  14. Have a baby-themed movie night (i.e. Look Who's Talking, Father of the Bride II) and ask if they notice what the flicks have in common.
  15. Invite your better half to a celebratory drink but then casually slip in that you won't be drinking. See how long it takes for them to get the message. 
  16. Tell your partner, "So I was thinking we could call him/her (insert favorite baby name here)."
  17. Take your mate out for dinner and ask a waiter to take your picture. As the flash is about to go off blurt out: "I'm pregnant!" That's a reaction you'll never forget.
  18. Tell your partner you have a surprise and need them to meet you at a certain address (your Ob-Gyn address). Boy will their heart be racing when they discover where they are.
  19. Buy a Father's Day card and tell him your "sorry it's a little late this year."
  20. Call up your favorite radio station and see if they'll do you the favor of a baby announcement. Turn on the radio at just the right time and wait for their look of surprise.
  21. Have your mother or father-in-law call your partner and say, "So I hear I'm gonna be a grandma/grandpa." Wait by his side with a video camera.
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