Leopold’s Maneuvers are methods to determine position, presentation and engagement of fetus. Leopold's maneuvers (Leopold Handgriffe) are named after Christian Gerhard Leopold,a German Obstetrician who lived from 1846 to 1911. The Leopold maneuvers are usually done by the doctor placing her two hands on the pregnant uterus to determine the poisition of the fetus and it's possible size.

Leopold maneuversThey will include:

  1. Determination of what is in the fundus
  2. Evaluation of the fetal back and extremities
  3. Palpation of the presenting part above the symphysis, and
  4. Determination of the direction and degree of flexion of the head.

How to Perform Leopold’s Maneuver

Before performing Leopold’s Maneuver, ask the mother to empty the bladder, warm hands, and apply them to the mother’s abdomen with firm and gently pressure.

First Leopold’s Maneuver:

  1. It will determine which part of the fetus is in the fundus.
  2. Place pals on each side of the upper abdomen and palpate around the fundus
  3. You would feel a hard, round, movable object if the head is in the fundus
  4. You would feel soft and have an irregular shape and are more difficult to move if the buttock is in the fundus

Gerhard Leopold maneuvers

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