Learn about baby's development, your body changes, see beautiful color illustrations, and get our special tips for each week of your pregnancy!

First Trimester

  • menstrual period and cycle
    Week 1

    1 Week Pregnant

    Technically, it's week 1 of your pregnancy, but you still have 2 weeks until fertilization/ovulation.
  • 2 weeks pregnant
    Week 2

    2 Weeks Pregnant

    It is at the end of week 2 when ovulation and fertilization typically take place.
  • pregnancy week 3
    Week 3

    3 Weeks Pregnant

    During the 3rd pregnancy week, the fertilized egg travels trough the fallopian tube.
  • week 4 pregnancy
    Week 4

    4 Weeks Pregnant

    You will likely be expecting your period at the end of this week, but it won't happen if you are pregnant!
  • week 5
    Week 5

    5 Weeks Pregnant

    By week 5, baby is moving along quickly in the growth process and changes are starting to happen.
  • pregnancy fetus week 6
    Week 6

    6 Weeks Pregnant

    The heart has now started beating and can often be seen early in the 6th week by transvaginal ultrasound.
  • pregnancy  fetus week 7
    Week 7

    7 Weeks Pregnant

    In the 7th week, your baby is still very small, but many of the crucial organs are developing rapidly.
  • pregnancy fetus week 8
    Week 8

    8 Weeks Pregnant

    In week 8, you are more than halfway through your first trimester and baby continues to grow rapidly.
  • pregnancy fetus week 9
    Week 9

    9 Weeks Pregnant

    Cartilage develops, bones grow, and baby forms the skeleton that s/he will use to stand, walk and run.
  • pregnancy fetus week 10
    Week 10

    10 Weeks Pregnant

    Thanks to the ability of the human body to adapt, morning sickness should be easing off by week 10.
  • pregnancy fetus week 11
    Week 11

    11 Weeks Pregnant

    Your baby is now officially called a fetus, and the most crucial development phases are concluding.
  • pregnancy fetus week 12
    Week 12

    12 Weeks Pregnant

    Your uterus makes a move upward this week, which (thankfully!) relieves some of the pressure on the bladder.
  • pregnancy fetus week 13
    Week 13

    13 Weeks Pregnant

    The alien look of an early fetus on ultrasound disappears. Eyes move closer together and ears shift.

Second Trimester

  • pregnancy fetus1 week 14
    Week 14

    14 Weeks Pregnant

    Doppler is commonly used around this time in the first trimester to hear your baby’s heartbeat.
  • pregnancy fetus week 15
    Week 15

    15 Weeks Pregnant

    By the 15th week of pregnancy, some parents are itching to find out the sex of the baby.
  • pregnancy fetus week 16
    Week 16

    16 Weeks Pregnant

    By the start of the 4th month, you may start noticing movements that feel like little flutters.
  • pregnancy week 17
    Week 17

    17 Weeks Pregnant

    The uterus is growing and your bump is likely visible. You may feel better than you have in a long time.
  • pregnancy fetus week 18
    Week 18

    18 Weeks Pregnant

    All the changes in the womb are starting to show. Your baby looks like a human and weighs up to 8 ounces.
  • pregnancy fetus week 19
    Week 19

    19 Weeks Pregnant

    Lanugo has already been growing on your baby’s skin. Now, vernix caseosa starts to develop.
  • pregnancy fetus week 20
    Week 20

    20 Weeks Pregnant

    The 20th week marks the halfway point! Fetal growth continues to add length and weight.
  • pregnancy fetus week 21
    Week 21

    21 Weeks Pregnant

    Baby continues to grow, but more attention is paid to internal organs than weight gain.
  • pregnant woman week 22
    Week 22

    22 Weeks Pregnant

    An interesting thing happens: you may start to feel better about your body and self-confidence soars.
  • pregnancy fetus week 23
    Week 23

    23 Weeks Pregnant

    This week marks a huge milestone: the fetus could survive if an early birth is required.
  • pregnancy fetus week 24
    Week 24

    24 Weeks Pregnant

    There is no hiding the pregnancy now as your tummy is growing by leaps and bounds.
  • pregnancy fetus week 25
    Week 25

    25 Weeks Pregnant

    Your abdomen is now about the size of a soccer ball which may be causing aches and pains.
  • pregnancy fetus week 26
    Week 26

    26 Weeks Pregnant

    The fetus continues to grow rapidly, weighing about two pounds and measuring nine inches or more.
  • pregnancy fetus week 27
    Week 27

    27 Weeks Pregnant

    You've reached another huge landmark in pregnancy: the last week of the second trimester!

Third Trimester

  • pregnant woman week 28
    Week 28

    28 Weeks Pregnant

    Welcome to your 3rd trimester! Your baby has a 90% chance of survival if born this week.
  • pregnancy fetus 29 weeks
    Week 29

    29 Weeks Pregnant

    The fetus is finally starting to look like a baby: the head and body are proportionate and weight gain is rapid.
  • pregnancy fetus 30 weeks
    Week 30

    30 Weeks Pregnant

    Your baby's bones have developed and bone marrow has started producing red blood cells.
  • pregnancy fetus 31 weeks
    Week 31

    31 Weeks Pregnant

    All necessary body functions are working perfectly. Lung development and weight gain are now the focus.
  • pregnant woman week 32
    Week 32

    32 Weeks Pregnant

    By the 32nd week, all five senses are in full working order. Your baby can see, taste, smell, feel and hear.
  • pregnancy fetus 33 weeks
    Week 33

    33 Weeks Pregnant

    Fetal brain development is rapid and the size of the head is growing to hold new brain tissue.
  • pregnancy fetus 34 weeks
    Week 34

    34 Weeks Pregnant

    Edema is normal during pregnancy, but pitting that lasts over a few seconds can signal preeclampsia.
  • pregnancy fetus 35 weeks
    Week 35

    35 Weeks Pregnant

    There is very little room left in the uterus now, so when your baby moves, you will feel it!
  • pregnant woman week 36
    Week 36

    36 Weeks Pregnant

    Four weeks to go until the due date now! The body is making some rapid changes.
  • pregnancy fetus week 37
    Week 37

    37 Weeks Pregnant

    The fetus weighs around 6½ pounds and practices breathing during every waking moment.
  • pregnant woman 38 weeks
    Week 38

    38 Weeks Pregnant

    Hormones are increasing, the cervix is ripening and the baby is shifting lower and lower in the uterus.
  • pregnancy newborn baby 39 weeks
    Week 39

    39 Weeks Pregnant

    As the final days of pregnancy become a reality, you may be feeling off balance and clumsy.
  • pregnancy newborn 40 weeks
    Week 40

    40 Weeks Pregnant

    Your belly is stretched beyond the imagination and you may have forgotten what your feet look like.
  • pregnancy baby 41 weeks
    Week 41

    41 Weeks Pregnant

    For the baby, week 41 is nothing more than an extended vacation but you may be getting antsy.
  • pregnancy 42 weeks baby
    Week 42

    42 Weeks Pregnant

    If natural induction techniques have not worked, doctors will commonly admit you to the hospital.