Pregnant on computerDid you know that every time you enter a word or phrase into the “search” box on an internet web page, your words are being recorded, documented, counted, analyzed, archived, and researched in depth? The study of search terms is a tremendously big business benefiting many industries.

The top three search engines in the United States are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Google does by far more business (searches) than Yahoo and Bing combined and doubled a few times. One thing Google analysis reveals is that searches for medical terms are big business on the internet. Even doctors turn to the internet to research symptoms although not all of them are happy that you do.

Each year, Google counts, documents, analyzes, and researches the most popular search terms in various categories, including medicine. These search queries come from 70 countries around the world. The search engine giant refines those medical searches even further, into searches for medical symptoms, specifically, as one example. Then, Google publishes a list of its 10 most popular searches in every conceivable category. The list is updated every year.


Try to search "Pregnancy Symptoms" on Google here.

The search for “pregnancy symptoms” tops Google’s 2013 list of the most searched medical symptoms. Next, in descending order, are searches for the symptoms of influenza, diabetes, anxiety, thyroid, HIV, mononucleosis, lupus, herpes, and pneumonia.

Absent from the top 10 symptom searches this year are searches for cancer and heart attack symptoms, both terms that were on the 2012 list.

Most-Searched Symptoms 2013

  1. Pregnancy Symptoms
  2. Influenza Symptoms
  3. Diabetes Symptoms
  4. Anxiety Symptoms
  5. Thyroid Symptoms
  6. HIV Symptoms
  7. Mononucleosis Symptoms
  8. Lupus Symptoms
  9. Herpes Symptoms
  10. Pneumonia Symptoms

Most-Searched Symptoms 2012

  1. Pregnancy Symptoms
  2. Diabetes Symptoms
  3. Flu Symptoms
  4. UTI (urinary tract infection) Symptoms
  5. Mono Symptoms
  6. Strep Throat Symptoms
  7. HIV Symptoms
  8. Lupus Symptoms
  9. Heart Attack Symptoms
  10. Lyme Disease Symptoms

Source: Google Zeitgeist