embryo inside fallopian tube pregnancy week 4

The 4th week is huge in the pregnancy time line. The blastocyst, or fertilized egg, will move through the fallopian tube and implant in the uterus around the middle  of week 4, a couple of days before the expected next menstrual period. Blastocyst is another word for “sprout pouch.” Inside the blastocyst, the egg is dividing exponentially. At this stage of the game, baby is growing faster than he will at any other moment in the pregnancy. If mom has been blessed with multiples, they will be dividing at the same time in their respective blastocysts.

Your Body
Mom will be expecting her menstrual cycle at the end of the 4th week, but that will not happen if she is pregnant and implantation has happened. There could have been some slight bleeding when the blastocyst implanted in the uterine lining (implantation bleeding). If mom did not feel pregnant in week 3, she may feel pregnant in week 4. Fatigue, soreness of the breast tissue and mood swings are all common. The same symptoms are common before the beginning of a menstrual cycle — so mom may not think her attempts to become pregnant were successful. Moms pregnant with twins or more will feel the same symptoms as other moms, but on a more intense level. Breasts will be more tender and fatigue much more drastic.

The pregnancy test usually becomes positive at the end of the 4th week or thge beginning of week 5. There is rarely a need for an appointment with an obstetrician until the home pregnancy test reads positive. Once a positive result has been read, call for an initial appointment. Occasionally, obstetricians will ask the pregnant woman to have a blood pregnancy test to determine the exact amount of hCG in the blood. Depending on the hCG level, doctor will be able to tell how far along the pregnancy is or if there are multiple babies in womb.

Mood swings can have dad wondering which way to turn. Mom could be hanging right by dad’s side showering him with intimacy one moment and ignoring him the next. Mood swings are common during the 4th week of pregnancy. Some moms choose to pull away for a while in hopes that pregnancy attempts were successful. Dad needs to understand how emotional mom will be at this time and the fact that hormones may be influencing the mood changes.

Be patient. If you miss that first day of your period, try to wait a few more days before taking a pregnancy test. The longer the wait, the higher human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG levels will be in urine, which is the hormone detected by home pregnancy tests.