relationships during pregnancyHave you ever noticed that despite all the "joys of motherhood" cards, ads, commercials, etc. that exist, you rarely hear about the joys of pregnancy. Much of that probably has to do with the first trimester. The good news is that the morning sickness that may have plagued you during the first trimester is usually over by the time you’ve reached the second trimester.

You're also generally more energetic during the second trimester. What this means also, is not only do you have more energy to devote to getting your environment ready for your new baby, but you have more energy to devote to your relationship with your spouse or significant other before your baby arrives.

Embrace the Joy of the Moment

The second trimester is also one of the most exciting. It's the perfect time for both of you to bond with each other and the baby. Lie down together and feel your belly when the baby is moving. Talk together about your plans for the future and your hopes and dreams for your child. Enjoy these moments to talk and cuddle together, and really use them to connect.

Mood Swings for Mom
Despite embracing the joys of your pregnancy with your partner, your hormones start to really go haywire during the second trimester. Sometimes wild mood swings are the result. These can and do sometimes lead to fights, hurt feelings, and confusion for both of you. It can also lead to romance being put on the back burner.

On the other hand, this is an excellent opportunity to work on the communication skills that can make a world of difference for the sake of your relationship in the future. Let your partner know that you're feeling edgy, weepy or anxious. At least then he/she knows when they need to walk around with a box of tissue or walk around with their back to the wall.

The Upside of Pregnancy Hormones

Hormones aren't always a bad thing, though. Hormones can be the driving force behind sexual attraction. Unless told expressly by your doctor not to engage in sexual activity, most of the time, sex during pregnancy is perfectly normal and poses no risk to the baby. There are exceptions, of course, and your doctor will let you know if any of those apply to you.

The second trimester is the calm before the storm, a gift of sorts, where your libido is like a match - it doesn't take much to strike into intense flames for many pregnant women during the second three months of pregnancy. This also helps strengthen your relationship to carry you both through the months ahead, when sexual intimacy is less abundant.

The second trimester takes you through the halfway point and beyond. It's a beautiful thing to experience for mom and dad-to-be alike. Make sure you both make a point of savoring these precious moments - just as you'll savor many of the moments with your new baby when they arrive.


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