Third Trimester of Pregnancy and Your Relationship

Pregnancy can be a thrilling time for couples, yet, you and your partner are not always on the same page mentally, physically, or emotionally. This can sometimes be a source of friction so it helps to be on the lookout for potential miscommunications.

State of mind for moms-to-be

For most women, your thoughts are centered on the baby at this point. You may still be working, but may feel big, cumbersome, and maybe even unattractive. You may be running out of energy by the end of the day, and not sleeping all that well at night. When coupled with excess hormones, you may feel anxious, frustrated, or depressed at times. Naturally, you and your partner will likely experience a shift in focus from being on each other to being on your baby on the way.

What's going on in your partner's world?

With your pregnancy progressing and the physical discomforts along with it, you may not feel in the mood much and this may put a bit of a strain on your relationship. This is where communication is important so you can let your partner know how you are feeling. Although your partner may be anxious to meet the new bundle of joy, there may be unspoken anxiety about being a good parent. This is a normal apprehension and the more you can discuss your fears and worries, the better.

Changing the romance dynamic

Believe it or not, the third trimester is only a hint of things to come. It's the beginning of a completely new dynamic in your relationship. The most critical romantic element at your disposal during the third trimester and beyond is your collective voices. You need to talk about how you feel and what's going on inside your hearts and minds.

The baby will bring changes to your lives and, to some degree, your romance, but that doesn't mean that romance is dead. In fact, it forces the both of you to "up your game" a bit.

  • Designate daily couple time: This is the time you spend talking about things that are important to you.
  • Make time for intimacy: While sex is important to any good relationship, it's not the only kind of intimacy there is. Don't overlook the importance of casual intimacy to strengthen your relationship. Rub shoulders, scratch backs, massage aching legs and feet, or simply hold hands.

Incorporating these simple things and turning them into habits will help the two of you stay connected no matter how hectic things can become. It will help you stay engaged physically, mentally, and emotionally, and after the birth of your baby, you’ll discover a whole new way to love each other, as parents.

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