yoga safe during pregnancy

What is prenatal yoga in pregnancy?

Surely by now you have heard plenty of commotion surrounding yoga, the sometimes mysterious but rapidly growing exercise and wellness trend taking the U.S. by storm. While there is quite a bit of ‘hoop-la’ and hysteria surrounding yoga, at the very foundation of the practice are some truly transformative and sometimes even life changing techniques that can help people maximize their physical and mental health, and reduce stress. And best of all, prenatal yoga if done appropriately is safe in pregnancy.

Prenatal yoga is good exercise

Prenatal yoga is a physical activity that can be everything from strengthening and stretching to relaxing and meditative. There are many safe prenatal yoga poses to choose from. The practice involves breathing exercises, physical movements, and postures, with the goal of helping women cope with their pregnancy and prepare for the big day with as much ease as possible.

Prenatal yoga is empowering

During a time when a woman is experiencing so many new sensations and uncertainties within her body and mind, prenatal yoga can help her connect with these changes in an empowering way. Childbearing is something that all women are born knowing how to do, and prenatal yoga can help each woman bond with their inner-instinct and experience pregnancy with grace and ease.

All people should have access to the empowering practice of yoga. The goal in teaching prenatal yoga is to help mothers and parents understand the fundamentals of this sometimes confusing activity, and hopefully inspire them to take a few minutes out of their busy lives to focus on nurturing themselves, and therefore their growing baby and family. There are a number of great, safe yoga practices available for both trying-to-conceive and pregnant women.

Prenatal Yoga Overview